Youth Co-ops

What is a Youth Co-op? 
Youth Co-ops at work!

Youth Co-ops are businesses incorporated and run by youth under the cooperative philosophy. These businesses can be inside a school, a community center or any organization that supports youth programming and empowerment.

The main purpose of a youth co-op is to help the youth acquire experience and invaluable education in a real work scenario that is fair and benefits each member according to their effort.
  1. Board Meeting
  2. Producing the Product
  4. Growing Product
  5. Counting the Money
  6. Yerba Buena
  7. Fixing Bikes
  8. BICI Worker Co-op
  9. Preforming Arts Co-op
  10.  Yerba Buena Co-op
 Youth Co-ops are in St. Petersburg! 
​​ Florida-CEED is partnered with the city of St Petersburg and La Liga de Cooperativa developing a  youth owend and run youth farm, located at Encoch Davis Center.