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    March 4th April 22, 2019
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    Pinellas Technical College, 901 34th St S
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    Monday 6:30 - 8:30 PM
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    8 WEEKS
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In 2018, Pinellas Technical College in St Pete, expanded its services to include supporting the development of new cooperative business in St. Petersburg by launching this new program that offers feasibility training for potential and new cooperatively owned businesses
About the training:
This class offering is for groups interested in creating or already or in the process if incorporating a cooperative. The class will equip the participants with tools to evaluate their co-op idea and/or to refine their model.
Class Topics:
Session 1: Introduction of participants, co-op business model, and participant projects
Session 2: Understanding and leading the development process
Session 3: Developing a business plan & building a sustainable co-op enterprise
Session 4: Building the democratic community and co-op feasibility study
Session 5: Focus on financials
Session 6: Cooperative governance
Session 7: Legal framework
Session 8: Resources and moving forward

Groups with a minimum of 2 or more people (not for individuals)
Groups must have selected a product or service to evaluate prior to the class
Commitment to attend the eight sessions and work on the feasibility plan



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